Saturday, March 26, 2011


In my absence of a week, I discovered an awesome site online!

Haven't seen it mentioned on any of the blogs I follow, so shall introduce it :) Click here for the link! ok so basically it's a language exchange site, where you get to post texts in all sorts of languages, and people can correct you. Similar to naver it seems? There's also a chat function, where you can group chat with people in different languages (English, Mandarin and Korean in my case). Another part to the site is where they offer language courses or language teachers, which you pay using credits. I haven't tried that out yet, since I don't really want to pay haha, but i MIGHT just try it out for fun sometime in the future :)

I'm furiously trying to finish Sogang 3B (I know I know, I'm supposed to study Chemistry!! ㅠㅠ) coz it's due in 2 week's time. In fact, someone just returned Sogang book 2B so I borrowed it yesterday too HAHA. oops. Oh! My school library has new Korean books too! Borrowed "Intermediate Korean: A Grammar and Workbook" which looks promising, although I have only briefly browsed through it. The new Integrated Korean workbooks are also available now! The textbooks have been borrowed away though. I know quite alot of people actually like this series, but somehow I just don't =( I just think the Seoul National University text's more user-friendly. In fact, I like Sogang's texts more than Integrated Korean. I'm odd!

Anyways, will update on the Intermediate Korean book soon! ^^

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slow but steady

Looks like Sogang 3B's going to take much longer than I expected. This was how my notebook looked like while I was doing Sogang 2A..

Still had extra space for cute stickers!

Now it looks something like this..

The whole page's filled with vocabs that I don't know! ㅠㅠ

I guess this is what happens when you try to do something that's not meant for your level >.<

My self-proclaimed holiday from Chemistry has ended, so I have to go back to studying Chemistry now. Boohoohoo. 진짜 싫어해요! Sighs...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random updates

Finally finished my midterm test today! Am going to take a break from chemistry by studying some Korean (: Starting on Sogang 3B today. Skipped Sogang 2B and 3A as I wasn't able to borrow them from the school library.

I always feel like studying Korean! But when I bring out the books, I feel guilty about neglecting my Chemistry =( So I can't really fully concentrate on Korean too. Now that I cleared my midterm test, I'm going to dedicate the next 2 days to Korean solely! =))

Was reading the diary entries I wrote while on exchange to Korea 2 years back. Can't imagine it's been so long already! Kind of feel like I didn't spend my time there wisely though. I blame it on the extremely cold weather =/ haha, it was really hard to travel around during winter, so I spent all of my time in Seoul. Or rather, in MyeongDong haha =p Am quite worried about my Korea trip due to the nuclear explosions in Japan. Hope nothing else major happens..if not it's going to be a tough recovery period for Japan. Every morning I see reports after reports with regards to the situation in Japan, and it doesn't seem good. Plus it's still winter and really cold, hopefully they'll pull through this tough time..

Randomly started thinking back about my days in band, and listening to band songs on youtube doesn't help =( I miss being part of something. The joys, laughter and tears. Going through brain-draining practices together. I wanna go back to being a JC student! Rawrs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: iriver D100 =)

Here's a long overdue review of the iriver d100!

Was really excited when I got the parcel because I waited super long for it! (note to self: MUST use EMS next time..) Anyway, once the mailman left, I ripped the boxes apart! hehehe. Pictures first! (:

The box!

Pure white goodness

Even comes with earphones wrapped in cute rubber thingy! =p

Home screen (My exam's in 45 days!! ㅠㅠ)

With the case I bought for the D100 (:

The dictionary has been working pretty well so far, although it takes some time to start up (around 20 seconds?) so I only use it when I'm studying Korean for an extended period of time. Other times when I meet phrases that I don't know, I just use my iphone dictionary for that.

The shortcut keys

The search function is available in English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and Hanja. The Mandarin version lets you type in Hanyu Pinyin then gives a whole list of words matching it, while for the Hanja one, you have to write it out using the touch pen.

Searching a word in Hangeul gives search results in English, Japanese, Mandarin and French. You can then click on the one you want (sometimes there are more explanations). There are highlighting tools available so that you can highlight words that you want to take note of. It will be saved so the next time you check the same word, it'll be highlighted. Easier to find things you want if there are many meanings to that same word!

Photo viewer (서울대의 운동장)

MP3 function

PDF viewer

There is also an MP3 function, which I use to listen to the Iyagi lessons from TTMIK when I'm outside. As the audio file can be played in the background, I can use the PDF viewer to view the transcript file at the same time (:

There is also a travel conversation function, where you can learn conversations that will be useful when you travel, such as purchasing tickets or making hotel bookings, and of course simple greetings. The one shown above is for Japanese (:

Last but not least, this is one of the functions I use to learn new vocabulary on-the-go. It's a dictionary meant for Koreans to study English, so it actually comes with a TOEIC learning/review application. So what it does is that it provides a list of words to remember, then there's a multiple-choice test after that, where more commonly used words would be tested.

I must say I'm pretty happy with my purchase! (: It provides adequate explanations in both English and Mandarin, and Hanja will be written beside a word if there's a Hanja equivalent. I like! (: Moreover it has awesome graphics and MP3 function to boot, pretty and light to carry around..what's not to like? =D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

대화 1

Not sure if you guys have watched 꽃보다 남자 yet, (you should have if you're a drama addict! ^^) but this is the scene where MinJi dropped her icecream on Jun Pyo's shoes. Jun Pyo was furious and ordered her to lick up the mess. Jan Di then came to her rescue as she couldn't stand watching her friend being bullied.

Phrase to note ^^
죄송하다는 말로 다 되면 세상에 법은 왜 있고 경찰은 왜 있겠니?
If apologies can solve all problems, then why are there laws and police in this world?

민지: 선배님, 아, 준표 선배님, 죄송합니다.
준표: 죄송, 죄송하다는 말로 다 되면 세상에 법은 왜 있고 경찰은 왜 있겠니?
민지: 제가 정말 실수로...구두는 당장 똑같은 거 살 드릴게요.
준표: 너, 나보다 돈 많아?
민지: 네?
준표: 돈 많아도 안 될걸. 이거 핀란드에서 장인이 만든 구둔데 뭔수로 당장 똑같은 걸 사 줄 건데?
민지: 죄송해요. 그럼 제가 할 수 있는 걸 뭐든지 다...
준표: 뭐든, 다?
민지: 네.
준표: 핥아.
민지: 네?
준표: 핥으라구.
민지: 선배님.
준표: 뭐든 다 한다고 하지 않았나?
잔디: 그만두지 못해? 야, 얜 뭐 넘어지고 싶어 넘어졌어? 사과했으면 충분하잖아.
준표: 이건 또 왠 오지랖...어이2학년, 너 귀국한지 얼마 안 뒤나 분데. 여기 아메리카 스타일 금지거든? 말이 짧다! 아~ 그러셔? 니가 바로 그 유명한 원더브라야. 난 또 원더우먼 어쩌고 해서 S라인에 D컵 정도 기대했는데. (잔디 홅어보며) 완전 안습이구만.
잔디: 실망시켜 다행이네.
준표: 주제 파악 못하고 오지랖 넓은게 이 컨셉이냐? 남 일에 나서 긴 왜 나서?
잔디: 남이 아니고 친구야. 부자들 사전엔 친구나 우정 뭐 그런 단어 안 키우나 보다?
준표: 우정? 그 대단한 우정 구경 좀 하자. 핥아...
잔디: 뭐?
준표: 니가 대신 핥으면 없던 일로 해 주지.
잔디: 야!
준표: 뭐야 너!
잔디: 너보다 돈 많냐구? 그 돈 다 니가벌었냐? 뭐? 오지랖이 컨셉이냐구. 부자부모 빽 믿고 뻘짓하는 놈들 가만히 안 놔두는 게 컨셉이다. 왜! 우리집에서 2500원인데 강남 수준으로 계산했거든? 그래도 안 빠지면 갖고 와.

Min Ji: Senior, ah, Jun Pyo Senior, I'm so sorry.
Jun Pyo: Sorry, if apologies can solve all problems, then why are there laws and police in this world?
Min Ji: I really made a mistake...I will buy you an exact pair of shoes immediately.
Jun Pyo: Do you think you're richer than I am? (lit. You have more money than I do?)
Min Ji: What?
Jun Pyo: It's no use even if you have a lot of money. This pair of shoes were made by an artisan from Finland, how are you going to buy an exact same pair?
Min Ji: I'm sorry. In that case, if there's anything I can do, anything at all...
Jun Pyo: Anything, Everything?
Min Ji: Yes.
Jun Pyo: Lick.
Min Ji: What?
Jun Pyo: I told you to lick [up the mess on my shoes].
Min Ji: Senior.
Jun Pyo: Didn't you say you could do anything?
Jan Di: Won't you just stop here? Hey, you think she fell because she wanted to? It should be enough since she has apologised already.
Jun Pyo: Where did this meddlesome person come from? I say, 2nd-year student, I see you haven't been back for long. American style [English] is not allowed here, how dare you speak to me impolitely? (lit. You speak shortly) Ah, so you are the famous wonder girl? I was expecting wonder woman to have at least a basic S line and D cup. (looks at Jan Di) There is absolutely nothing at all.
Jan Di: I'm glad to have disappointed you.
Jun Pyo: Is being meddlesome without thinking your concept? Why are you bothering with other people's business? (I think Mandarin does this translation better! 没头没脑的爱管闲事是你的风格吗?)
Jan Di: It's not just anyone, she's my friend. Are there no such things as friendship and friends in the dictionary of rich people?
Jun Pyo: Friendship? Well, let me see great friendship you speak about. Lick!
Jan Di: What?!
Jun Pyo: If you lick it in her place, I will treat it as if nothing happened.
(Jan Di suddenly throws ice cream into Jun Pyo's face.)
Jan Di: Hey you! ('야!' is so much more convenient! haha)
Jun Pyo: What?
Jan Di: You asked if I was richer than you? Did you earn that money? What? Being meddlesome is my concept? 부자부모 빽 믿고 뻘짓하는 놈들 가만히 안 놔두는 게 컨셉이다. What about it! (Throws 3000won at Jun Pyo) My house does laundry services at 2500won, this is based on Gangnam prices. If you can't remove the stain, just come and look for me.

Ok done! That took some time. Not sure how to translate that one sentence though! Any ideas anyone? Do let me know! Cheers! ^.^


I should really start making blogging a habit! It's just that after taking a hiatus from blogging ever since I came back from Korea more than a year ago, I just don't have that habit anymore. Plus schoolwork's getting more and more taxing, and I have a midterm test in two weeks' time =( I also realized that translating lyrics is a tough tough job, because they aren't really proper sentences =( translating drama scripts might be easier? I can learn more colloquial phrases at the same time too. hehe. Will start with 꽃보다 남자 maybe?

I bought this '한류 스타를 따라 한국오를 배운다' book at the Popular bookstore sale 2 months back. It contains selected dialogues from shows such as 꽃보다 남자, 시티홀 and 그저 바라 보다가. Sounds interesting!

I'm almost done watching Dream High! I should really stop watching dramas and start concentrating on my schoolwork. lol. But I really like the songs though! Especially those by IU, with just her guitar. Acoustic's always the best! Here's it =) (Tried to embed but IE keeps hanging for some unknown reason) It was only after I heard her version that I realized it's the same some Kim Hyun Joong sang in 꽃보다 남자! I liked it there too, but never found out the song title. Now I know! (:

Oh and update! Confirmed plane tickets to Korea already! =))) 24th April to 15th June, then Hong Kong for a week after that. Can't wait! Current plan's to go Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Another other suggestions? I haven't really been out of Seoul! The last time I went was winter so it was really difficult to get around =( Considering it's late Spring this time, I'm planning to travel loads and take many many awesome pictures of Korea! (: