Monday, January 31, 2011


My D100 arrived safe and sound last week! Took almost 2 whole weeks. note to self: remember to use EMS next time! DPD don't even track their parcels properly, my parcel was in Singapore a week after I paid but it wasn't reflected on the tracking status. I even called the Singapore counterpart DPEX to check and they said it was still in Seoul -.- Then somehow my "preferred delivery date" became 25th Jan, when I was actually waiting for it since the 20th. Not sure where they got their dates from, and also why there was a lack of updates. Oh well, enough rambling. Will update on the D100 next time! It's working awesomely for now (:

Wanted to pop by Solmart @ Cineleisure last week, but it was closed! I'm not sure if it's closed for good or if they're just doing renovations. I don't really buy stuff from there, but sometimes I just like to pop by to take a look (: I know they give out free magazines there, but I never managed to get them anyway haha.

It's going to be Chinese New Year in 2 days! Have been super busy helping out with the preparations and cooking lots of stuff. Will be going down KTO on Wednesday with my cousin to learn how to play Gostop! (: Am quite excited because Koreans always seem to have so much fun with it! Am really interested to learn it (: hope it'll be as fun as it seems!

Will also be meeting up with hangukdrama and other Koreans + Korean learners on Saturday! A little apprehensive as it'll be my first meeting ever with them, and with my Korean speaking skills close to zilch, I'm wondering how it'll go. Just hoping I don't embarrass myself! =p

Monday, January 24, 2011


조금 늦지만 진짜 좋은 노래를 소개하고 싶어요~!

It's called 반말송 (Banmal Song) by YongHwa of C.N. Blue (: If you watched "We Got Married", you would know that YongHwa's paired together with SeoHyun of SNSD, and he composed this song for her! so sweet (: It's a nice light-hearted song suitable for anytime of the day~

Went KTO for 호떡 (Hotteok) making class a few days back! It's a pity they just used the pre-mix though. Thought I'd be able to learn some authentic Korean cooking. hmph. But it was fun nevertheless!

My gmarket parcel hasn't arrived! Tracking status says it's been in Seoul since 17/01 and no more updates after that =( It's all DPD's fault. Argh. I always used EMS, but forgot to change the option this time. Hope it arrives soon! 200bucks worth of items...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just finished Sogang 2A and it feels good~! (:

Even though I've finished a few Korean language books, I feel that my conversational skills are..close to zilch. sadly. I guess I've always been afraid of making mistakes, ever since young. And I know it's definitely something I have to overcome if I'm ever going to master this language. It's like..I'll go to a Korean 식당 telling myself I'll try to order in Korean this time but end up taking the easy way out. It's kind of weird to speak Korean in Singapore if you're not a Korean I suppose?

So, new year resolution: To procrastinate less, and also not be afraid to make mistakes! That's how people learn anyway right? (: Oh and also to take intermediate TOPIK (:

On a lighter note, I've paid for my gmarket purchases! It should arrive sometime next week. D100!! ^^

Thursday, January 6, 2011

okay! settled on getting iriver's D100 on Equinox's recommendation =) just need to decide on what else i'll need from gmarket and order them all together yay!

I'm actually intending to go Korea sometime in April after my exam ends, for grad trip. Would end April be too late to see sakuras? I hope not. Of course there's still other flora around, but I've never seen sakuras in real life so thought it would be nice (: Am planning about a 2/3-week trip around Korea, just to take time to slowly savour all that Korea has to offer me, instead of being stuck in Seoul like a year back. My iriver D100 would probably come in handy then! (:

School's starting again next week. Last semester! Then it'll be off to the working world. Guess I would miss student life when that happens, just like how I always wish I could go back to being a JC student again. Sighs. Pains of growing up haha.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheers to a New Year!

Have been real busy during the holiday season so haven't managed to update.

Anyways..Happy 2011! =)

Have been working on the Sogang 2A series for the last 2 weeks, am halfway through it! I actually borrowed it from the NUS library (I never knew they had it! Just randomly decided to check it out and I was in luck (: ) and it's the older series, from 2005. But it seems to be better than the new series I bought from gmarket. lols.

Have been seriously contemplating buying an e-dictionary from gmarket for the past few days. I can't seem to decide which brand/model to get! Have shortlisted them to iriver D100 and nurian X35 for now. iriver's graphics are so pretty! But reviews say that nurian has a wider range of dictionaries so it's potentially more useful. Sighs.

Gonna go play some tennis now!